Friday, January 22, 2010

My first first write up..


Clueless..not sure what and how to write in my first post "of life"..been dreaming of having my own blog for quite a while and to be frank I'm just too busy with Farmville..harvest sini harvest the extent that I dah sangap bercucuk tanam kat cyberspace..I hope this gonna be my new hobby for 2010 and who knows boleh generate some income..macam abang Nara and the geng! Hehe..Jumpa lagi..

P/S: Ok tak ni for my post "sulong"? Lepas ni tgk la apa yg nak diblogkan..pasal foods ke recipe ke gossip ke?


Fadzil said...

good job for a least you've started somewhere with something..well done!

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